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Europroperty Real Estate Investment Fund Management Plc. headquarter in Budapest and looking investment mainly in and around in the capital, wants to become leading independent real estate developer and manager in Hungary. Our aim is to demonstrate that our experience and capabilities can deliver safe and favorable returns for our investors in this rapidly changing market environment.

Europroperty is complies with the relevant European Union regulations, governance, evaluation and reporting guidelines.


Our purpose

The Europroperty Real Estate Investment Fund Management Plc. manages, develops and operates a premium real estate portfolio. Our aim is to build an alliance with our investors, that delivers the highest returns possible through the safest risk-sharing. Our portfolio consists of unique, professionally executed real estate, luxury homes, premium offices and industrial parks in the best locations in Hungary and the region. These development and operation we consider the growth of invested capital and profit generation to be primary importance. We provide security and transparency to our business partners and investors while sharing the burden of individual risk-taking. Our experts, management providing with decades of international and domestic experience tailor-made solutions to our premium quality private equity investor partners.


Presentation of the Real Estate Investment Fund Management

License number: H-EN-III-395/2018

As an AIFM below the limit, the Company shall have all the personal, material, technical, IT and security conditions required for its operation, as required by the legal acts governing the company. Following the commencement of its operation, the Company shall continue to monitor and where necessary extend these terms and conditions in order to ensure continued compliance.

Based on the foregoing the company has a so-called “Bank of Hungary” authorization to carry out the activities of Hungarian National Bank acting as the supervisory authority of the financial intermediary system (hereinafter the Supervisory Authority or the MNB). It acts as an AIFM below the limit (without voluntary subordination).


our workers

Professional team members have decades of experience in private equity, venture capital, investing and investment.

Péter Bajusz

Péter Bajusz


After graduating from the College of Finance and Accounting, Péter worked various position at OTP Bank Plc., then from 1997 was responsible for the accounting tasks of MKB Securities and Investment Plc. After the merger of the brokerage firm into the bank, he performed middle management tasks in the financial-accounting area of MKB Bank. After 2008 he has been co-manager and financial director of subsidiaries related to MKB Bank’s large corporate work-out. After the disinvestment of MKB Bank’s real estate portfolio, he became the member of the Board of Directors and the Chief Operating officer of MSZVK (Hungarian Resolution Asset Management Plc.) and its subsidiaries. Since the establishment of our company, he has been a member of the Board of Directions.

Csilla Baumann

Csilla Baumann

Deputy Chief executive officer

Csilla graduated in 1996 as an economist with a degree in finance from Saint Stephen’s University, then in 1999 graduated from Eötvös Lóránd University of Technology in law with an engineering degree, in 2010 she graduated with an MBA degree. She has gained front office and back office experience at MHB Bank, Talentum Plc. and K&H Equities Plc., and later she was managing director and professional manager of the New York Broker subsidiary. Between 2005 and 2011 she was responsible for the financial management of Rác Bath development, then between 2012 and 2017 she was the Head of Finance and Back Office at Kaerous Venture Capital Fund Management Plc. Csilla is a board member of a Let’s Be Different Environmental Nonprofit Foundation. Member of the Legal Committee of the Hungarian Venture Capital Fund Managers Association for 5 years, head of the back-office roundtable, since 2017 director of venture capital at MFB Plc.

Ákos Almási

Ákos Almási

Board member

In 1986 Ákos graduated as an economist in foreign economics from University of Economic Sciences of Budapest, in 1995 he graduated in law from ELTE. He has completed several professional courses in finance and controlling in Hungary and abroad. He has worked at State Property Agency, at State Asset Management Company, at Commercial and Credit Bank, he was a Managing Director and a manager of the Business Division at the Hungarian Development Bank, and chief executive officer at Kaerous Venture Capital Fund Management Plc. He was served as a member of the supervisory board and board of directors of several companies. As a member of the board of directors of Europroperty Real Estate Fund Management Plc. he manages investment management activities.

Sándor Zelles

Supervisory board member

Sándor studied at the Marx Károly University of Economics. In the 1990s, he was responsible for managing the investment portfolio of the largest Hungarian commercial bank at MHB Bank Group as CEO of MHB invest: managed about 100 investments. He participated in the founding of the Budapest Stock Exchange. Between 1997 and 2003 he was responsible for preparing investments, conducting, conducting of privatization and advising on investments for the Wallis Group. Between 2004 and 2007 as Chief Executive Officer of the Treasury Directorate he was responsible for representing the tens of thousands of billions of HUF worth of real estate in the Hungarian State, through about a thousand trusts. In 2008 he headed the Cabinet of Ministers of the Ministry of Finance, then represented the Hungarian State in the Board of Directors of Péti Nitrogénművek Plc. Between 2011 and 2017 he is the Head of Construction and Operation of a Retirement Home.

Zoltán Jánosi

Supervisory board member

Zoltán graduated from the Faculty of Business Administration of the Budapest University of Economics. After his university studies, he worked as an investment manager at ING Bank, then he was a senior consultant at McKinsey and Co. for two years. Between 2005 and 2008 he was the retail director and specialty of MKB Bank, his main task was to organize and supervise sales, although he became the sales director of Erste Bank Hungary Zrt. role as Level 1 Board Executive. Since 2009, in addition to his work, he has been a Co-Founder and Partner at the Hungarian Enterprise Development Institute Ltd., where he is an independent banking expert and consultant in the financial sector of the region.

Krisztián Ungvári

Supervisory board member

Krisztián graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the Budapest University of Economics. In addition to his university studies, from 1997 to 2000 he worked as a securities trader at First Hungarian-English Broker Lc. In the field of stock exchange, over-the-counter and government securities. Since 2000, he has been the head and then the director of network sales at Erste Bank Befektetési Plc. Its main task was to organize and support the network sales of investment funds. From 2007, he worked for Erste Bank Hungary Plc. From November 2010, he was the head of the project preparing the establishment of the Erste Group's housing savings fund, and from 2011 he was the CEO of the newly established Erste Lakástakarék Zrt. He was directly in charge of business areas, strategy, product development, business analysis and sales. From 2018, he will be the product development manager of OTP Lakástakarék Zrt. From February 2021, Budapest Bank Zrt. Will lead the product development area of ​​retail mortgage loans.

Simona Koral Berei

Simona Koral Berei

Back office worker

She graduated in 2015 at Ganz Abraham Bilingual Secondary Vocational School then worked as an office management assistant and later as a corporate control assistant at Seratus Real Estate Ltd. She continues her studies in Economics and Management.

Ádám Mészáros

Ádám Mészáros

Junior investment trainee

He graduated in 2010 at Madách Imre Gymnasium of Vác, then worked as an purchase Manager at MVM Ovit Plc. for 4 years. Then he worked as a personal assistant at Nipüf Plc. He continues his studies in International Management.



Reports, information and regulations of Europroperty Real Estate Fund Management Plc.

Reports, information and regulations of Europroperty Real Estate Fund Management Ltd. regarding investment funds.




Registration number: 1222-36


One of the objectives of the Fund is the public utility development following the acquisition of the Pest County’s outskirts and inland areas, as well as the completion of all special administrative and planning tasks necessary for real estate development, sales of developments areas or implementation of complete tenant needs.  A further aim is to purchase, locally renovate/rebuild, reposition real estate located in Budapest and the country seat, after that sale the real estate. The Fund seeks capital growth through the implementation of development.  
Industry specification: industrial development, plots, offices, hotels, worker housing for retail and wholesale purposes.

Valuer of the Fund: Jones Lang LaSalle Real Estate, Consulting and Service Ltd. (seat: 1054 Budapest, Szabadság square 14. registry number: 01-09-261026; tax number: 10810491-2-41, represent by: Ferenc Furlyás)  


Auditor of the Fund: M-Audit Auditing, Development and Service Ltd. (seat: 1113 Budapest, Karolina street 65. registry number: 01-09-066723; tax number: 10361605-2-42)


Custodian of the Fund: Erste Bank Hungary Plc. (Seat: 1138 Budapest, Népfürdő street 24-26. registry number: 01-10-041054; tax number: 10197879-4-44)


Registration number: 1212-15


One of the aims of the Fund is to purchase domestic real estate in Hungary; Archieve a return on investmen bí improving the tenant mix and reducing operating costs. It also aims to generate returns through ownership of units in other real estate funds, which can be achieved indirectly through property development or property utilization. The Fund aims to generate income.
Industry specification: industrial development area (land), office, hotel, worker, accommodation, retail and wholesale properties.  


Valuer of the Fund: EURO-IMMO Expert Ltd. (seat: 1065 Budapest, Nagymező street 4. registry number: 01-09-662724; tax number: 12287189-2-42, represent by: Zalán Novák dr.) 


Auditor of the Fund: M-Audit Auditing, Development and Service Ltd. (seat: 1113 Budapest, Karolina street 65. registry number: 01-09-066723; tax number: 10361605-2-42)


Custodian of the Fund: MKB Bank Plc. (Seat: 1056 Budapest, Váci street 38. registry number: 01-10-040952)

SUNSET Development Fund

Registration number: 1221-40


The purpose of the Fund is to sell the existing real estate assets at the highest available market price, then to liquidate the Fund after the full sale of the real estate assets, and to distribute the assets among the investors. Until the sale of the excisting properties, the will use them in accordance with the investment principles. The Fund Manager may not use the Fund's funds to purchase real estate beyond the existing real estate assets and shall invest the capital recived from the sale of existing real estate or real estate in the Fund's portfolio in accordance with the provisions of the Management Regulation. 


Valuer of the Fund: Colliers Hungary Ltd. (seat: 1124 Budapest, Csörsz street.41., registry number: 01-09-166209)


Custodian of the Fund: ERSTE Bank Hungary Plc. (seat: 1138 Budapest, Népfürdő street 24-26. registry number: 01-10-041054)


Auditor of the Fund: REPORT&AUDIT Auditing and Tax Specialist Ltd. (seat: 4033 Debrecen, Vak Bottyán street 54. registration number: 001511)


Company Details, contact us

Name: Europroperty Real Estate Fund Management Private Limited Company
Seat: 1024 Budapest, Rómer Flóris street 8.
Telephone: +36 30 618 6615
Law enforcement agencies:  Metropolitan Court of Registration
Registry number: 01-10-049645
MNB license number: H-EN-III-395/2018
Statistical number sign: 26211530-6630-114-01
Tax number: 26211530-1-41
Capital pursuant to Act XVI of 2014 on Collective Investment Undertakings and their Managers and Amendments to Certain Financial laws (1) (53) of the Civil Code Act: 100 dematerialized ordinary shares with nominal value of HUF 1 million each, at 120% issue value. (100M share capital+20M capital reserve)
Cash flow indicator:
Main activity: 6630 ’08 (fund management)
Other activities:
- 64.99 ’08 M.N.S other financial intermediation
- 66.12 ’08 Securities and commodities brokerage
- 66.19 ’08 Other auxiliary financial activities
- 7022 ’08 Business and other management consultancy
- 6920. ’08 Accounting, bookkeeping and auditing activities


Europroperty Real Estate Fund Management Private Limited Company

Seat: H-1024 Budapest, Rómer Flóris street 8.
Telephone: +36 30 618 6615
E-mail: info@eiak.hu


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